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Space Weirdos is a “skirmish heartbreaker.” About 10 years ago everyone was publishing their own old-school D&D hacks. Now a bunch of OSR nerds are turning to wargaming and discovering that the minis games are just as bad as RPGs for edition creep and other unforgivable crimes. So I'm publishing a short and sweet set of miniatures rules.

You’re wondering what makes Space Weirdos different from other games. Not much! It takes what I like from other games and mashes it all together.

  • Low model count: 5-10 models or so for each side.
  • Use any minis you have.
  • Short but comprehensive. Everything in one 16 page zine.
  • Minimal tokens, but still a few because I like them.
  • No tape measures or rulers, all movement and ranges are measured with 5” sticks.
  • Uses all your RPG dice (except the d20, d20's get enough love) because dice are fun.
  • A points system, but you shouldn’t worry about it too much.
  • Alternating activations, opposed rolls, Command Points, and random tables mean everyone is involved and rolling dice all the time.

Also includes:

  • A separate 4-page solo rules document.
  • A pdf with tokens, hobby advice, and a warband sheet. 

If you like minis games or 40K but giant rulebooks turn you off or seem intimidating, maybe give this a shot.

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AuthorCasey G.
Tags40k, inquisitor, miniatures, Sci-fi, skirmish, Space, Tabletop, wargame, weird


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Really enjoying my time with this one! Would love to see a fantasy version of it too!


Hey Casey, I’m a content creator on youtube (Dungeon Masterpiece) and would love to talk to you about this game. Is this something you’d be willing to provide a Creative Commons Attribution or Open Game Licence for? I’d love to make some narrative scenarios for this.

Deleted 1 year ago

Realy cool game. An OGL or CC license would be great!